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 We  Manufacture  Tables  in the USA!

Built from the Ground Up!
Support and Training World-Wide
You can run them 24 hours a day 5 days a week                                                                                       or even more if your needs require.  

The Best Machines, The Best Service, The Best Value

 CNC routers are computer-controlled machines used for cutting a wide variety of   materials.  The path of the machine is directed by computer numerical control to give you   the precision and accuracy you need from every cut. Whether you have an industrial   application, a home or starter business, or even a hobby that requires specific cuts, CNC   routers are the perfect solution to give you the best possible finished product.
EngraveLab is a Routing &  Engraving Software

CNC Plasma Built for You

ShopSabre is proud to bring you 100% American made CNC plasma machines at a price that can’t be challenged by anything in a similar price range. Our CNC plasmas offer state-of-the-art technology and high-quality components you’d expect to find in machines that cost two to three times as much or sometimes more.

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